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Why Hire?

Using cloth nappies has many benefits for both your baby and the environment, and they are just gorgeous on those little bums! Cloth nappies are made from natural fibres and don’t contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your little one’s skin.

Hiring a cloth nappy bundle is the easiest way to begin your cloth journey. Whether you are starting your journey with a newborn or older baby, hiring can take away the stress of which nappies to purchase and can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Let's face it, there are sooo many brands on the market and getting started with modern cloth nappies can feel a bit overwhelming!


To add to the confusion, everyone seems to recommend a different brand as all babies are different. That’s where we come in! We want to make your cloth nappy journey as simple as possible. We have hire options for newborn, day nappies and night nappies!

Newborn twins.jpg

Why Hire a Newborn Bundle?

Babies are so tiny when they are first born and often one size fits most nappies are too big or bulky. But our little ones grow so fast and often don’t fit in newborn nappies for more than a couple of months.


To save you the stress and cost of buying a whole collection of newborn nappies for this short but very special time, we offer a variety of newborn nappy hire bundles.


We have a mixed brand collection for those who want to explore a variety of cloth nappy brands in the early days, or for those who just want to keep it nice and simple, we have a variety of different single brand collections.  

Why Hire Day Nappies?

Feeling a bit lost with  ALL the different brands of Modern Cloth Nappies? Having issues with leaks or poor fit with your current nappies? These hire bundles are the perfect solution. 

We offer a huge range of popular and quality cloth nappies available to hire. You can choose which brands you wish to hire and how many different ones your would like to try. If you would like help with choosing, please contact us for more information. With such a huge range of brands, we are sure you will find your perfect nappy!

If you love any of the nappies, you can purchase them at the end of your trial period for 10-30% of RRP. We also stock new nappies in most of the brands if you need to purchase more!


Why Hire Night Nappies?

Are you tired of your little ones nappy leaking during the night? Or maybe you are ready to ditch the disposables and expand your cloth journey by adding night nappies to your collection?


Our night nappy hire bundle allows you to choose and try a variety of reliable night nappies and discover which styles and brands work for your baby, before you invest in them. 

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