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What are the benefits of cloth nappies?

There are numerous benefits of using cloth nappies, some of them include:

-Australians throw away approximately 2.1 BILLION disposable nappies every year. The majority of these end up in landfill whilst the rest litter beaches, parks and roadsides.

- Cloth nappies can be used for many years and on multiple children.

- Cloth nappies can work out to be a lot cheaper than disposables.

- Disposable nappies are full of harsh chemicals that are placed against your baby's skin, whereas cloth nappies are made from natural fibers.

- They come in many different cute designs and look gorgeous on little bums!

I've never used cloth nappies before. Where should I start?

Our hire bundles are perfect for those who are new to cloth! We offer newborn hire bundles to make the beginning of your cloth journey easy and simple. If your little one is a bit older we have transition and brand trial hire bundles available in one size fits most. We stock over 14 different brands of cloth nappies to help you find which brands and styles work for you and your bub. 

How long do orders take to process?

Once you have placed your order we will post your purchase within 1-3 days.

When does my hire period start? Is transit time included in my hire duration?

Your hire period does not begin until you receive your hire bundle and then you have your full hire duration to use them. Once your hire duration ends, then you will need to post them back to us within a few days. If there is a delay for some reason please get in contact. For our newborn hire bundles, you may want to book this in advance and then we will try our best to post your hire bundle 2 weeks before your due date and your hire period will not begin until the birth of your baby. If you are wishing to wait a few weeks after your babies birth to begin cloth, you can prearrange a start date with us.

How much is postage?

Hire bundle postage: postage for our hire bundles is $15 flat rate shipping, as these are quite large collections of nappies. 


Retail postage: if you purchase retail items from Cloth Journey, you will only pay $10 flat rate in shipping.


Hire bundle & retail: If you purchase a hire bundle and items in our retail shop, you will only be charged $15 flat rate shipping for your purchases. 

I love my hire bundle. Can I purchase it?

Yes! Almost all nappies in our OSFM hire bundles and in our night nappy hire bundles are available for purchase at 10-30% of RRP. We will get in contact with you during your hire period to see if you are wishing to purchase any and let you know the exact prices of individual nappies. Unfortunately, nappies in our newborn hire bundles are not available for purchase.

How do I wash my cloth nappies?

You can find washing instructions here. If you purchase a hire bundle we will include hard copy washing instructions for you to follow during your hire period.

Please do not use any stain remover or bleach on our cloth nappies.

How do I return hire items?

All hire items must be return shipped at the end of your hire duration. This includes the calico bag your bundle came in, wet bag, delicate wash bag and all nappies that you have not purchased separately. You will be required to pay for return shipping. 

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