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Welcome to Cloth Journey
We are a mother-daughter team endeavouring to make your cloth journey as simple as possible by providing a one stop shop for all things cloth in Australia!

Let me tell you a bit about us and how it all started...

I'm Lauren, mother of two and lover of cloth nappies! I'm very passionate about using sustainable and natural products wherever possible in my life, and therefore when I became a mum I was introduced to modern cloth nappies! This is where my cloth journey first began. Initially, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices and the upfront costs and didn't end up exclusively using cloth products on my first child. However, when my second was born I was committed to only using cloth nappies and wipes, and began to dive deeper into the cloth world. Maybe it was the adorable, tiny newborn nappies, but this time I fell in love with the designs and prints, and wanted to try all the brands! I also noticed how different the body shapes were between my two, (and my second appears to be a super wetter) and therefore, I needed to trial many brands to find that perfect fit. I want to help you with an easy solution to find cloth nappies and sustainable baby products that work for you and so, I decided to create Cloth Journey - an online, one stop shop!

Loz Net Lila.jpg

With two little ones at home, I knew I needed some help and luckily my mum loved the concept (and washing) and was eager to jump on board with the business. Oh, and I better not forget our mini assistant; 3 year old Lila who loves cloth nappies as much as we do!

Bon voyage! 

Lauren, Annette & Lila


Call us: 0435 949 548

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