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Newborn Cloth Nappies

Newborn nappies are perfect for your little one from birth until roughly 3 months. The natural fibres are gentle on delicate skin and provide a nice trim fit for little babies. We stock a variety of brands so you have a wide selection and have some tips below!

Cloth Bums are a generous size and often last babys past 12 weeks of age. They have double gussets making them  great at stopping leaks! The inserts are made from natural fibres and super soft or you can pair them with a gorgeous preflat. 

Baby Beehinds are as easy as a disposbale nappy with their velcro tabs and all in one design.

Junior tribe co have gorgeous prints and simple to use velcro tabs.

Seedling baby nappies have double gussets making them resitant to leaks and they feature an absorbent trifold that can be folded in various ways, and are quick to dry!

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