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The Classic nappy is a trim-fitting, yet absorbent 'pocket' cloth nappy that is a firm favourite with new and experienced cloth users alike!


You can use them as a Day, Nap-time, Night or even Swim nappy by simply customising the inserts! 


Features of The Classic Nappy:

  • Excellent absorbency: Each Classic nappy comes with 1x 5-layer Bamboo and 1x 5-layer Hemp inserts.
    • This nappy is from Monarch's Jul 2021 Release which features the Bamboo Terry insert on top and the Hemp insert on the bottom.
  • Customisable: Snap / stuff / tuck as many inserts as you need, depending on your little one's output! 
  • Stay-dry lining: The interior of the nappy shell is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey ("AWJ") which is a superior material at drawing away moisture and keeping bub's bottom cool and dry. 
  • Double-ended pocket openings: Wide openings at each end of the nappy make it super easy to stuff your inserts into the pocket! 
  • Tummy elastic: A tummy elastic to close any tummy gap and give you additional leak protection for tummy sleepers. 
  • Internal double gussets: Built-in double gussets on the AWJ pocket lining help to channel moisture into the core of the nappy (so it can be absorbed by the inserts). 
  • PUL tummy and back flaps: Waterproof front and back flaps to keep the moisture from sitting against bub's stomach and back for extended periods of time. 
  • One-Size-Fits-Most ("OSFM"): Monarch have increased the wing length to give you even longer wear out of your Classic nappies, whilst still giving you a trim fit. 
    • Fits approx 3-17kg.

HIRE Monarch The Classic Nappy

$4.00 Regular Price
$3.20Sale Price
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