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 • 1x pair of each - Shine Bright, Tea Green, Maisie and Shell.

• 1x Mini wet bag - Shine Bright 

Lightweight and absorbent our nursing pads are fantastic at catching any letdowns or leaks, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable

They are lined with beautifully soft bamboo fibre, 2 layers of microfiber inner and water-resistant PUL outer.

Once you no longer need your nursing pads, they are perfect for reusing as a makeup remover/cleanser pad. 

We recommend changing your nursing pads regularly to keep your skin dry and reduce the risk of infections; breast pads should be changed as soon as they are damp.


  • Size - 15cm Diameter 
  • Four layers - Soft Bamboo fibre against your skin, two layers of absorbent microfibre in the middle and beautiful printed PUL water-resistant outer fabric.


*Wash with your cloth nappies or any load of washing - recommended between 40 - 60 degree cycles 

*Please note - Make sure all pads are completely dry before storing. Touch the pad to make sure the inner layer is completely dry to avoid mould.

Bare Love Nursing Pads - Shine Bright Bundle with Mini Wet Bag