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A minimal and timeless design, this toy is suitable for babies and children of all ages. It can be used as a teether, stacker, open ended play toy and more. 


Kids love to use it:


• as a teether

• for stacking

• as a puzzle

• free play

• for sensory stimulation

• as a bath toy

• for cooking, thanks to its high-quality, food grade silicone


The ideal toy in every stage of development:

1 -2 YEARS: Thanks to their soft material, toys can safely be kicked, thrown and chewed on during these active play years.

3 YEARS: Children learn to classify by shape and colors

4 – 5 YEARS:The combination of figures encourages the child’s dexterity and concentration by constructing increasingly more complex structures. The toys multiple combination possibilities stimulate creativity and imagination.

6 YEARS: With toys you can cook as a family. They are fantastic molds for baking cakes and biscuits. And they can be washed in the dishwasher!


It is made of 100% good grade silicone, BPA free, PVC free, latex free and phthalate free. Hypoallergenic and bacterial resistant.


Material: Silicone

Dimension: 13 cm by 3.5 cm by 10.5 cm

Weight: 230g

Recommended age: 1+

Care instruction: please use hot water to boil it for 1 minute before and after playing and dry out. 

This toy is made and tested in accordance with Australian standard. 

Stacking Teething Silicone White Mountain

$32.99 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price
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