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Evia Nappies are a classic pocket style modern cloth nappy which can be adjusted to provide your baby with a secure and comfortable fit.


Designed to fit babies from 4kg - 18kg, our reusable nappies are ideal from newborn all the way to toilet training age.


Evia reusable nappies consist of two separate parts - the nappy cover and the insert.


The Nappy Cover


The Outer Layer is water resistant PUL and made from 100% polyester. Its main purpose is to retain the moisture within the absorbent layers of the nappy, keeping clothes dry and stain free. The outer layer also features Evia Nappies cute patterns and solid colour prints.


The Inner Layer is the fabric that sits directly against the baby’s skin. This micro suede layer is made from polyester and designed to quickly wick away any moisture. A double gusset provides an additional barrier and gives added protection from potential explosions. It’s soft to touch, dries fast, and is white in colour.


The Insert x1


Consists of 5 layers of moisture wicking fabric and are best for little ones who are moderate wetters. Top and bottom layers are made from bamboo terry. Composed of 80% bamboo and 20% polyester, it’s designed to quickly absorb moisture so your little one stays dry and fresh. Middle layers comprised of 3 layers of micofiber.


Evia Nappy - Citrus Crush

$18.95 Regular Price
$15.16Sale Price
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