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Did you know that hemp is four times more absorbent than cotton making it the perfect nappy insert. 


But because 100% hemp is quite rough these inserts have been paired with cotton to make them extra soft against bubs bottom.


Material: 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton. - 400gsm

Size: 33cm L x 10cm W Features: Each layer is made from a super absorbent hemp/cotton blend, 3 layers to each insert.

  • Durable overlocked edge.
  • Off-white in colour.
  • Suitable for pocket style nappies or can be placed inside the shell of other style nappies.
  • These inserts are designed as boosters and will fit most pocket nappies - these are great thin inserts for night time or heavier wetters.
  • These inserts are made from an unbleached fabric blend and the yellow hemp fibres can be seen within the material. 

Pre-use and care:
Hemp is a very durable natural fibre, just keep in mind that natural fibres absorbency increases over time and will take several washes before they reach their full capacity. Prewash before use with detergent - no need to soak inserts (please keep in mind that whilst building absorbency inserts may require more frequent changes initially).  For general washing instructions please see our 'Washing Guidelines' tab.


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