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Looking for a customisable cloth nappy solution that is easy to use, easy to wash and easy to dry?

Preflats make a great option which will contain everything and are super stretchy and customisable to fit skinny legs and chunky thighs.


  • Sizing: 5kg to 20kg+
  • Material: 300gsm (per layer) of Cotton/Spandex - 2 layers 
  • Colour: Steel Blue
  • 2 layers of super absorbent and soft fabric giving up to 18 layers of fabric in the wet zone without being bulky.
  • Preflats are designed to make nappies easy to use, simply fold in the two outer panels and fold up to secure to your baby with a Snappi & cover..
  • Due to the small amount of spandex in the fabric this makes for an easy fit which is gentle around the waist and legs.

Washing Guidelines: 

  • Please see our 'Washing Guidelines' for more information. 
  • Babies that are exclusively breastfed don't require any poo to be rinsed from the nappy before washing, the poo is water soluable and will disolve in your washing machine. 
  • These nappies are okay to be dried on the clothes line or in the dryer. 


  • You will need a water risistant cover to ensure clothes stay dry, anywhere between 3 to 6 covers is a good amount.
  • As these are made from natural fibres there will be a small amount of shrinkage in the material.
  • Wanting to create a stay dry layer next to your babies skin? Simply add a microfleece liner to ne middle section of the fabric, this will also ensure any poo is easily cleaned. 
  • Fabric of the preflats is mainly cotton which unfortunately like synthetic materials is more likely to fade from extended sun exposure or baby poo, this is more common with babies with poo with a high acidity - this is effected by teething, or diet.  This will not effect the use of the preflat, using a microfleece liner or rinsing straight away will avoid any fading. 


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